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This research work is centered on the effect of motivation as a means of increasing workers productivity with emphasis on Ibeto group of company Nnewi. The population of the study comprised one hundred and thirty (130) staff of the organization. The sample for the study was 110 out of 130 staff. The sample for the study was drawn using simple random, sampling the study. The researcher also collected data through primary and secondary sources using well structured questionnaire and personal interview, which he administered to the respondent. The responses to these question were analysed with the use of simple percentage. My findings revealed that wages and salaries of workers are poor. There are no properly laid down policies for promoting workers. Also there are not enough accommodation and transport facilities for the workers. The research was concluded and the following recommendations were made. The workers should be paid equitable salaries and ways should be paid equitable salaries and wages based on their performance salaries and wages based on their equitable salaries and ways based on their performance and the prevalent economic conditions. The management should establish a promotional policy and training programmes such as on the job and on the job training. Finally, the researcher suggested that further work could be carried out on this benefits in manufacturing industries and how motivational factors can best suit the different categories of workers.




Motivation is the set of forces that cause people to choose certain behavior from amongst the many alternative open to them. An employee performance is typically influenced by motivation, ability and the work environment.

Motivation is important because of its intangible nature. A leader can influence his surbodinate only when they are convinced.

In conviction, a need based approach must be applied which focus on what motivates employee to choose certain behavior in discharging their duties. Such approaches are need hierarchies and the dual structure approach.

Motivation plus effort leads to performance which then leads to outcome said by Victor Vroom in his theory “Expectancy Theory”. According to this theory, there are three conditions to be met for individuals to exbibit motivated behavior, thus;

  1. Effort to performance expectancy must be greater that zero
  2. Performance to outcome expectancy must be greater that zero and
  3. The sum of values for all relevant outcome must be greater that zero.

In other view Fredrick Taylor said that people have been engaging in employment for reasons other than money. He added that workers can be motivated if  reward and penalties are attached to performance.

Modern economy depends on a large extent on motivation more than previous economics. Motivation itself has now become inseparable from modern production for good efficiency and effectiveness of organizational production and rendering of good services to the custom by the staff can only be possible with the aid of adequate motivation.

According to Okpala (Dec 1980), ‘motivation comes from intrinsic factors which influenced the workers to behave the way they do. The intrinsic source of motivation is the type of motivation that comes derides a sense of accomplishment and achievement from helping gain competitive advantage job that are interesting and challenging leads to intrinsic motivation for this type of work motivation result from performing the job itself.

The extrinsic motivation result as a worker acquires materials or social rewards to avoid punishment will work well and light, temperature  and noise reduction, different salary scales, group standard leadership etc. all of this affect the employees performance.

Motivation will always need the timeless sensitivity and vision that effective relationship with human growth and individual demands. A legal and reductive assumption is that of working itself is well planned and efficient, motivation for what is being done should meaty and micely come along as well. Vigas (1977) noted that when workers feels a strong need for what they are doing and the programme is well planned and stimulating with  adequate information feedback the easier the motivation to work increases industries and businesses are filled with well designed, efficient programmes that are not very motivated part of the problem is efficiency itself. Motivation takes people skills and time good strategy is an investment.

It pays dividends but often beyond the inherent structure true of the knowledge or skill they are performing, it means that managers have to plan taken for guaranted. (Johnson and Johnson, (1982) the time continuing model of motivation is an organizational and for planning. It is a systematic structure for introducing  or applying motivational strategies throughout a working sequence (Sanders, 1981). Sanders described motivation as an organizational and motivation planning is designing and is essential part of it. He also stressed that the time continuum model of motivation help managers to programmatically combine a series of motivation strategies from the beginning to the work of project sequence so that a network of motivational influences is formulated.

A manager working with motivated workers finds instructions more successful achieves greater satisfaction and avoids burn out.

Out of the major quagmires confronting management is that of motivating workers to perform assigned tasks to most or surpass predetermined standards. The behavior the work force can either be beneficial or detrimental to an organization, hence the need for management to study and know how or which line of action to follow in every organization. There are groups which perform the same jobs and will be noticed that some of them perform better than others.

Variances in workers performances can be traced the some factors such as experience and skill. Hence training workers involved restricting the jobs to suit their skill and ability.

This will be of immense importance towards solving this problem.

An individual workers will be motivated if the feels that this organizationa is playing a vital frustration sets in if the reverse is the case but promotion fringe benefits achievements, recognition etc.

In Nigeria, one noticed that salary is the only motivating facor used by most organization.

These characteristics prominently on companies productivities Ibeto group of company was given power and operational interest in producing cement, Automative parts, petrochemicals hospitality, properties, banking and finance oil and gas etc. it was established on 2nd  Oct. 1996 and licensed by the department of petroleum resources to undertake the blending of oil lubricants and the production of various types of petroleum products for local and international markets.


Ibeto group of company is located at Nnewi in Anambra state. Nigeria. The man behind the Ibeto group success story, Dr. Cletus executive director (Nnewi Operations) he previously served as a chief operating officer, Ibeto group Cement company ltd. 25th February 2013.

He is the billionaire owner of Ibeto group of Companies and a few weeks to the end of 2012.

Ibteo group of companies at 60-61, Igwe Orizu Road Nnewi deals in batteries, building materials and plumbing material. 5th August 2014.

Ibeto group made up of over eight major companies, PortHarcourt, Lagos and Nnewi where a 250 room hotel is under works. But Kilery Rosy story came with it thorns before apprenticeship was cut short by the civil war.

Ibeto petrochemical industries limited was estabvlished on 2nd October 1996 and licensed by the department of petroleum resources to undertake. The blending of oil lubricants and the production of various types of petroleum products for local and international markets.

The blending plants is located at Nnewi Anambra State. To ensure that the highest premium is placed on the country of its products a fully equipped.

State of the art laboratory was established in the plant. All of their products are certified by the standard organization of Nigeria (SON) as meeting the required standards, as evidence by the award of the mandatory SONCAP certificate.

Since January 199, the company has been delivering its blended lube products to the West East and Central African markets. The company also procures and trades in a range of petroleum products like Base Oil (bright stock etc) and auto motive gas oil. In August 2012, this company began to export Nigeria crude oil. The man behind the Ibeto group success story Dr. Cletus Madubuegwu Ibeto. He previously served as chief operating officer, Ibeto cement company ltd. Earlier he has worked for us. The is the head of the Ibeto group, the largest business enterprise from Nnewi, a city unique for its entrepreneurial spirit. Cletus Ibeto the man who spurned Saddams money the sun news. 5th August 2014. Ibeto made up of over eight major companies, employing above 500 workers and still.


Employee motivation has always been a central problem foe leaders and managers and as a result provide managers with techniques to improve workers productivity.

It appears that the resources for services operation for motivating staff in the company are inadequate.

There are the problems of motivation planning that liquidate and late payment of salaries occurs.

There is problem of threat for retrenchment of workers.

The problem of running the company by the management consultants.

The problem which Ibeto group of company Nigeria have is that the organization fails to consider the working condition of their workers by failing to give them what makes them perform effectively and efficiently. Things they fail to consider are as follows;

The relationship that exist between the underlying and management staff are very poor.

The management does not have time to investigate if the workers are blissful with what they are doing or not.

The organization does not even care to know if the workers are physically alright, what the organization want is that the workers should work.

Another one is that the organization does not give them the ample opportunity of going for workshops or training while working in the organization. The workers also complained that the salary and financial benefits that are accruable to them are not equitable to their productivity,  and their fringe benefits are being denied.

Finally, all these lapses on the part of the organization have obstructed the relationship behavior in the organization thereby leading to waste of resources. It is on this that the researcher discovered the importance of motivation as a tool for high productivity in an organization. A case study of Ibeto Group of Company Nnewi.


The purpose of this study amongst other things are as follows:

  1. To ascertain to what extent human and non human resources are adequate for serious operation of the organization.
  2. To determine how problem of motivation planning ;eads to liquidity and late payments.
  • To find out the cause of threats of retrenchments to workers.
  1. To determine the problem of running the organization with a team of management consultants.
  2. To initiate some way by which workers can be motivated.
  3. To know the extent to which motivation can effect high productivity in an organization.
  • To investigate various ways by which workers of Ibeto group of company Nnewi will be motivated to improve their productivity by the management of the organization.

The study is significant in its nature in the extent to which motivation as a tool affecting high productivity in an organization. The researcher is carrying out this research work in order to give findings and recommendation which will in one way or the give way for more research on the topic area of the study.

The recommendation will help the management to know the problem and find the motivational tools to use in achieving the organizational goals. Having seen the dimension of hits work, it is believed that suggests from this

  1. Study would help to research for the solution to the problem facing the workers in Nigeria.
  2. It would help the researcher to determine find way and means.
  • It would enable the researcher to determine the effect of these motivating factors on performance or productivity.
  1. With the findings it will help us to make projections and predictions with greater precisions concerning the attitude of workers to their work
  2. Management, administration, directors and policy formulators will gain a lot if they are aware of these factors that spur or inhibit their workers or employees to or from greater performance and productivities.
  3. What can I do to establish a postile working attitude for this programme?
  4. How do I best meet the needs of my workers throughout this working sequence?

What about this working conditions that will stimulate my workers?

  • How is the effective experience and emotional climate for this programme positive for workers?
  • How does this working pattern increase or affect workers feeling of competnence?
  • How does this working pattern provide for my workers?
  • What is the relationship between you and your boss?
  • Have you attended any course or training since you were employed?
  • Do you think the pay you are receiving is equitable to your productivity?
  • What should be the responsibility of the inequality of the pay to your productivity?
  • What are other benefits you do not enjoy from the organization apart from your salary?

This work study motivate as a tool for high productivity with respect to Ibeto group of Company Nigeria Nnewi.

In doing this, motivational techniques, effects and contribution for effective achievement of the organizational goal were advanced. Recommendations were also made for management use and for further research work.


There are some unique and difficult word in this project. However, they are carefully explained for easy comprehension of their meanings and the context in which they are applied.

Motivations: this simply means ensuring appropriate behavious of works  in which people can satisfy their human need through both their work and work environment. Motivation and be in form of promotion, bonus performance appraisal, salary increament, provision of fringe benefit etc. this is the force within and external of the worker that influence his behavior. Nuezynski and Buchanam (1985) defined motivation as a decision making process through which the individual choose desire outcomes and set in motions the behavior appropriate to acquire then.

Management: this is the coordination of human material resources is an organization to achieve management goals. Umeh (1996) defined management as the process by which people (managers) create direct, maintain and operate purposive organization through systematic cooperative human effort. It is also the process of getting things done by using other people to achieve a set of objective.

  • People involved with the corporate decision making of the company and also responsible for any attendant risk.

Workers: a group of persons involved in the act of producing goods and services.

Productivity: this is the efficient use of resources or the production of goods and services.

Satisfaction: this refers to the enjoyment required from performing good job.

Drive: this term refers to the striving force that push one to perform.

Needs: this refers to the basic necessities of life.

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