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1.1        Background of the study

1.2        Statement of problem

1.3        Objective of the study

1.4        Research Hypotheses

1.5        Significance of the study

1.6        Scope and limitation of the study

1.7       Definition of terms

1.8       Organization of the study




3.0        Research methodology

3.1    sources of data collection

3.3        Population of the study

3.4        Sampling and sampling distribution

3.5        Validation of research instrument

3.6        Method of data analysis



4.1 Introductions

4.2 Data analysis


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Summary

5.3 Conclusion

5.4 Recommendation








This study is on agricultural marketing. The total population for the study is 200 residents in some selected local government in Enugu state. The researcher used questionnaires as the instrument for the data collection. Descriptive Survey research design was adopted for this study. A total of 133 respondents made up farmers, public servants, elderly men and youths were used for the study. The data collected were presented in tables and analyzed using simple percentages and frequencies













  • Background of the study


Agriculture is and still remains an important sector of the Nig Agriculture is and still remains an important sector of the Nigerian economy inspite of the importance of crude oil which has been unduely emphasized on agriculture. Its practice has remained within a subsistence level at a time in the past. Reports from the food and agricultural organization show that by the year 2010. Nigeria will be able to meet only 37% of the food need of its projected 150 million people. No doubt agriculture provides the greatest avenue for employment, income and food for the Nigeria populace its intrinsic position as a source of raw-materials for key industries and a major source of foreign exchange earning has further- added to its pre-eminence among all known occupation. However the performance of this sector as regards agricultural production varied widely over the past two decades the enabling environment prevalent at different point in time, has greatly influenced it.  Apparently agricultural marketing to a larger extent may be said to begin when farmers plan their output or the expected market prices. To the layman agricultural marketing could be taken as the bridge or connecting link between specialized agricultural producers and final consumer?
But their in as a much as this view is myopic a broader perspective of agricultural marketing is that it is the performance of all business activities involved in the flow of agricultural production to the point of consumption for further to this the dynamic of agricultural marketers on the food and raw-material demands in their territory and which apparently helps farmers in their production planning. In other products being efficiently and effectively delivered to the consumers or users.
Normally, consumers and interested in securing the highest food value at the lowest possible price while at the same time. Farmers want the highest possible returns from the sale of their produces, along the line middle-men seek to earn the greatest possible profit pricing policies and behaviours are therefore important indicators to both the middlemen and the society in general. To explain further to the middlemen, price changes determines gross margin and profitability; and for the society, price directly affect aggregate price levels of the economy and hence consumer welfare.
Agricultural products uniquely depend on a adequate and flexible transportation system that is why the ministry of agricultural focus on the geographic movement to acquire their market value and also because of the extent to which climate or weather determines where or when and in what quantity transportation services will be needed. This study tends to look into the problems and prospects of agricultural marketing within a state and within states creates the need for exchange which in the other hand calls for the mighty or important middlemen.


Agricultural production in Enugu State has drastically been reduced and this has occasioned scarcity of food in the homes and for export. The situation is different from what it was before when there were abundant food for populations and for sale. The present predicament of scarcity in the agriculture sector has let both the consumers and the industrial users to look for explanations to this.
A lot of reasons could be adduced for the short-fall that could be traceable to this include the city disturbances in the country increasing rate of population growth. Other factors include draught, unfavourable, external environment and inadequate funding for agricultural and in development.
Some of the activities that suppose to back-up marketing are still lacked or not full utilization. Most time agriculture in Enugu State are confronted with limited production by design due to lack of facilities of processing and storage when this is the case, agricultural producers tend to remain only on the subsistence level with little to offer to the market. Despite the enormous resources injected by the government into the sector after the civil war, the impact of the production did not matched the volume of resources expended on the sector as the agricultural product production stagnated at less than one prevent annual population growth rate a time population growth rate was between 2.3%. all the producers because of their level of production and lack of storage facilities being to a market, a small quantity for immediate cash and in most cases all the surpluses are brought to the market same time after production.In all agricultural sector has affected export which would have boostered revenue of the government thereby stalling developments. The oil 600m further reduced participation in agriculture as most people disengaged into white collar jobs.



The objectives of the study are;

  1. To evaluate the problems and prospects of agricultural marketing in Enugu state
  2. To evaluate instruments in agricultural production.
  3. To evaluate the storage facilities, preservation of food and crops and quality maintenance open to farmers which in turn help in the marketing of perishable products.
  4. To evaluate to evaluate the storage facilities and also the land tenure system which is the problem that we are facing now
  5. To ascertain the problems there are facing in the ministry of agriculture Enugu State.

For the successful completion of the study, the following research hypotheses were formulated by the researcher;

H0 there are no problems and prospects of agricultural marketing in Enugu state

H1: there are problems and prospects of agricultural marketing in Enugu state

H02: there are no storage facilities, preservation of food and crops and quality maintenance open to farmers which in turn help in the marketing of perishable products.

H2: there are storage facilities, preservation of food and crops and quality maintenance open to farmers which in turn help in the marketing of perishable products.


Agricultural planning and development have began to receive some attention in many developing countries. The importance placed on agriculture has to do with the experience of those countries which is in constant short supply of food. Many agricultural programmes were enunciate by the different regimes ranging from green revolution to operation feed the nation down to Enugu –State agrarian revolution or River State back to land schemes. All these efforts are aimed substantially to increasing the agricultural product production.  In between the producers and consumers are the marketing activities and the satisfaction of the consumers depends to a large extent on how these activities are carried out. However, lack of adequate marketing may cause shortage in some instance thereby increasing the price of the product in particular areas while others experience near surplus with attendant low prices. The study is intended to provide me necessary information to the consumer’s producers and to the government on how to improve the agricultural produce and such improvement will check on the continued scarcity of the product and thereby enhancing exportation which will earn foreign exchange for the country.


The scope of the study covers agricultural marketing. The researcher encounters some constrain which limited the scope of the study;

  1. a) AVAILABILITY OF RESEARCH MATERIAL: The research material available to the researcher is insufficient, thereby limiting the study
  2. b) TIME: The time frame allocated to the study does not enhance wider coverage as the researcher has to combine other academic activities and examinations with the study.
  3. c) Organizational privacy: Limited Access to the selected auditing firm makes it difficult to get all the necessary and required information concerning the activities

AGRICULTURE: Agriculture is the cultivation of land and breeding of animals and plants to provide food, fiber, medicinal plants and other products to sustain and enhance life.

AGRICULTURAL MARKETING: Agricultural marketing is inferred to cover the services involved in moving an agricultural product from the farm to the consumer.

AGRICULTURE PRODUCT: An agricultural product is a product you get when you cultivate plants or animals to sustain or enhance human life. … We decorate with flowers often produced by agriculture and run our cars in part on ethanol produced by agriculture


This research work is organized in five chapters, for easy understanding, as follows

Chapter one is concern with the introduction, which consist of the (overview, of the study), historical background, statement of problem, objectives of the study, research hypotheses, significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, definition of terms and historical background of the study. Chapter two highlights the theoretical framework on which the study is based, thus the review of related literature. Chapter three deals on the research design and methodology adopted in the study. Chapter four concentrate on the data collection and analysis and presentation of finding.  Chapter five gives summary, conclusion, and recommendations made of the study

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